Exquisite Women’s Clip-on Sunglasses Polarized Clip-on Flip up Cat Eye Sunglasses Driving Travel Outdoor Sport

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Perfectly solve the problem of myopic people. Makes your myopic glasses turn into sunglasses easily.

Protecting your eyes from dazzle light-- HD polarized lenses, preventing dazzle light, reflected light, relieving eyestrain, filtering dazzle light, parasitic light, stopping UV light, protecting eyes and guarantee safe travel.

Suitable for cycling, driving, running, fishing, racing, skiing, climbing, hiking and other outdoor activities.

Product features:

- UV-proof, effectively prevent eyes from UV harm.

- Anti-glare, filter car headlights.

- HD lenses, providing clearer view, real color and scenery.

- Easy to clip on to any regular glasses (not suitable for glasses whose bridge is very thick.)

- Polarized lenses, you can wear the glasses to find the hidden fish in Polarized lenses testing card.

Product size:

Lens height: 1.85in (47mm)

Lens width: 2.66in (60mm)

Bridge: 0.59in (15mm)

Frame total: 5.2in (132mm)

Weight: 11g

How to select suitable clip:

1.Measure the height and width of your glasses frame (including frame part).

2.Compare the measured data to the clip data and select the clip which is a little bigger than the glasses.

Package Includes

1 * clip on sunglasses

1 * Transparent plastic case

1 * High quality clean cloth

1* Polarized lenses testing card