Classic Family Game Console System for Coolbaby with Built-in 600 TV Video Games and Dual Controllers

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Are you reminiscing about the 8-bit classics but have no clue where to play them in a world filled with new-age tech? Then this retro classic console 600 games is exactly what you need!


Basic performance parameters:

1. Host size: 13x10x4.5cm, the package weight is about 800g

2. Enter the AC 110-220 V

3. Output DC 6V-150mA

4. TV signal system:PAL-D

5. TV status: A.V.

Power adapter safety instructions

1. This retro game console can only be used in accordance with the national standard of the transformer.

2. This retro game console can not be connected to a multi-connected power outlet.

3. Turn off the power when cleaning the retro game console with a cleaning fluid

4. Children under the age of 3 years are not allowed to use.

5. Use an isolation transformer.

6. Transformers are not toys.


1 * Instructions

1 * SOKOYO Classic Mini Case

1 * Game console

2 * wired controllers (joystick)

1 * HDMI Cable for TV

1 * US AC electric locomotive plug

(8-bit retro console games, built-in 600 classic games, does not need the game cards, great retro game console for Gifts)