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As you use it, a strong static charge will build to literally suck up dust and debris like a magnet. Fine particles will seem to jump off of the surface you're cleaning, only to be locked into the synthetic fibers. Bend the head to any angle to clean ledges, shelves and ceiling fans, and never worry about any surface or object because the super soft fibers are safe and gentle on anything. The long lasting charge will hold in collected dust until you release it into the trash. A quick shake or tap over the can will release the charge, and deposit the collected debris. Stop using old rags, chemical sprays and other products that just don't work. These electrostatic dusters will make dusting a quick and simple chore.It's perfect for home use, but the incredible power, and long lasting durability make it ideal for commercial applications too. The charged synthetic fibers also makes this a great car duster! Lift dust without worrying about scratching your paint! Assorted Colors will ship.


1. Unpack your new static duster.

2. Prepare the duster for use by rolling the handle back and forth between your hands. The twisting motion fluff the fibers and prepares them to attract more dust.

3. To create a static charge, insert the duster head into a plastic grocery bag and rub the static duster with the plastic bag. Repeat this step several times to create the static charge.